Best Information Security Podcasts of 2020

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best information security podcasts of 2020

As I prepare for my second attempt at passing the CISSP practice exam, I reflect on how I got here. I have been involved in the IT industry for more than twenty years with no particular focus other than break-fix and programming.  

I have always had the itch to do so much more but couldn’t figure out what I really had a passion for until I discovered podcasting.  A podcast is a show in audio format that can be listened to using an app called a podcatcher. The beauty of podcasting is that anyone can do it and there are a plethora of podcast on various topics including information security.  

About ten years ago, I stumbled upon a few information security podcast that peaked my interest and instantly I became hooked and found a focus.  Although many of those podcasts have experienced podfading, there are still many other active shows in 2020 that continue to support my passion to pursue a career in Information Security.

As a strong believer in learning from those that have done it, I have cultivated a list of the best information security podcasts that have elevated my understanding and learning of information security.  I’m hoping that it does the same for you.

Top 5 Information Security Podcast of 2020

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Darknet Diaries

By far my favorite InfoSec podcast in the last two years.  This is Lore meets Cyber Security. Jack Rhysider tells epic stories of Cyber crimes, extortion, corporate espionage by the people who have been involved.

It baffles me at times how he is able to connect with such high profile individuals, but it makes for great understanding and entertainment.

You don’t necessarily need to listen to them in numerical order unless Jack advises you.  Start with Episode 21 – Black Duck Eggs. You can thank me later.

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Down The Security Rabbithole Podcast

Their intro theme is a certified club banger.  Hosts Rafa “The White Rabbit” Los and James Jardin talk information security with industry professionals and leaders in the Infosec world.

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Defensive Security Podcast

Another certified club banger of a theme song and one of the original Podcast that started me on my path to Infosec.  Hosts Jerry Bell and Andrew Kalat chronical current events in InfoSec in a very humours yet informative way.

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The CyberWire Podcast

In need of a quick dose of information security news while commuting or jogging, then the CyberWire is for you.

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Digital Forensics Survival Podcast

I discovered this podcast last year which helped me stay laser focused into pursuing a career in Digital Forensics. A master at his craft, host Micheal shares his tips and tricks on incident response.  

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Feel free to comment below on your favorite information security podcasts below.  If there is a podcast I didn’t mention and you would like me to review, reach out.

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