How To Find Subscribers On YouTube Studio 2020

How To Find Subscribers In YouTube studio

For the longest time I’ve been so accustomed to doing podcasting for another channel using the YouTube Classic interface and ever since they’ve introduced YouTube Studio,  I’ve never really acclimated to using it. I’ve just been very very resistant to it.

When I started this new channel at YouTube, I noticed that my subscriber count was going up but I wasn’t receiving any notifications.  So I figured I would go and check to see who is subscribed to my channel.  Now the normal way I am accustomed to doing it is using YouTube Classic but as of this writing, that great module has been retired.

After struggling for what seemed like 20 minutes, I was able to get the hang of YouTube Studio and find where they were housing my subscribers.

Here Is How To Find Your Subscribers in YouTube Studio:

  • From the YouTube Home Page, select your name icon on the top right
  • Scroll down and Click, YouTube Studio
  • Locate Recent Subscribers on the third column and select SEE ALL

The next screen will display your entire subscriber list. By default it set to only display the last 90 days of new subscribers; however, you can see the entire list (well sorta), if you toggle the drop down showing Last 90 days and switch it to Lifetime.

YouTube Studio Subscriber List

Please keep in mind that if your subscribers elect the option to keep their subscriptions private, which is elected by default, you will see less subscribers in your list than the total count.

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