FREE CISSP Domain 1 Notes


This is a polished and digital version of my study notes for the CISSP Domain 1.  It is offered free of charge as a way to giveback to the community.



A polished and digital version of my study notes for the CISSP Domain 1.  This document contains more than 15 pages of notes, tips and tricks to help navigate your way through the Security and Risk Management aspect of the Exam.


Topics included

  • BCP / DRP
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis Tools
  • Risk Exposure and Controls
  • Privacy Laws
  • and more…
Drawing on over two decades of experience in the Information Technology industry, I have acquired a diverse range of roles that have shaped my distinctive outlook. Through this journey, I have developed into an accomplished authority in risk management, catering to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses on a global scale. Over the past 12 years, my primary focus has centered on empowering small business owners and insurance professionals to comprehend the ramifications of cyber incidents and effectively mitigate the risks associated with potential data breaches. My passion for cybersecurity has inspired me to create the Sage Knows IT blog. Through this platform, I aim to help small business owners and aspiring IT professionals understand the roadmap of the IT industry based on my experiences. Information Technology and Information Security are crucial for our future, and I hope my blog will motivate those who are interested in joining this ever-evolving field.