7 tips to better secure wordpress blogs

7 Tips To Better Secure WordPress Blogs

For many, our blogs are the lifeline of our passion. We use it to share our life experiences to others, in hopes that it will have a positive impact on their day to day lives. There is nothing more unsettling than when our passion projects are derailed due to a breach.

Why My WordPress Blog Is Being Attacked?

My blog has been live for about 30 days and I’m shocked at the malicious attempts to gain access to it. Not quite sure what exactly the motivation is but it can be daunting for non-IT bloggers to see Brute Force attacks from IP addresses on the other side of the world.

Best Information Security Podcasts of 2020

About ten years ago, I stumbled upon a few podcast that peaked my interest and instantly I became hooked and found a focus. Although many of those podcasts have experienced podfading, there are still many other active shows in 2020 that continue to support my passion to pursue a career in Information Security.

Nintendo Reports 160,000 Accounts Breached in April

On April 24th, 2020 Nintendo Co., Ltd announced an unauthorized data breach of their online network, Nintendo Network ID (NNID). This network is predominantly used by Nintendo 3DS and Wii U console owners.

Should IT Consultant Carry Cyber or Technology E&O Liability Insurance?

Cyber Liability for IT Consultants is moot. What you really should be considering is a Technology E&O policy. Here’s why…

5 Steps to Pass The Comptia Security+ Exam

5 Steps to Pass the Comptia Security+ Exam

There is no time like the present to join the ever growing field of professionals and improve the landscape of IT. To pass the Comptia Security+ Exam….

how cryptography works in 2020

How Cryptography Works In 2020

If someone were to ask me what Cryptography is, I would simply tell them that it is encryption algorithms that are used to enforce data privacy when you are sending and receiving messages. Oversimplification, I know but…


How The Corona Virus Will Change Our Perception of Business Continuity Planning

When we look back at the year 2020, it will likely be remembered as the year the world stopped. Countries all over the world have demanded citizens to stay home and only go outdoors if it is absolutely necessary. Cities are implementing curfews and mandates that public gatherings should be limited to 10 to 25 people and violators are being ticketed for insubordination. Businesses of all sizes are being impacted equally.