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Top 5 Tech Gifts for Mother’s Day 2021

When I think of getting a Mother’s Day tech gift for Mom, I’m seeking a gift that will be useful enough to give Mom back time. After all that is the primary purpose of Technology….

The Future Of Gaming Is Cross-Play

When we have the opportunity to connect, The Boys and I often reminisced about those days gone by and often visualized how great it would be to play the same game but on different consoles together. You see, we became casualties of what was infamously known as the Console Wars,

Buying Computers for Kids during the Pandemic / COVID 19

Best Laptops for Kids in 2020

Whether we want to admit it or not, school is right around the corner and with COVID-19 still having a stranglehold on our everyday lives, schools are being forced to make a decision on reopening or how-to.

No longer will the bulk of our paychecks go to new clothing and haircuts for our children, but now we may have to consider what type of computer we purchase….

How To Find Subscribers On YouTube Studio 2020

After struggling for what seemed like 20 minutes, I was able to get the hang of YouTube Studio and find where they were housing my subscribers.

JBL Endurance Sprint Review – Marathon Edition

I will be running in my first Half-Marathon of 2020 and raising money to raise awareness for Mental Health (more on that on a later post). I decided during my training process I would pick up a Bluetooth headphones to test its fitness and durability.