The Big Update

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These last couple of weeks have been tough for me. I realized that my internal struggles with anxiety will have to be met head on if I am to have a chance at passing this CISSP exam. I know that I’m a couple of weeks late but I think I’m at a point that it is time to *expletive* or get off the pot. I choose to get off the pot.

It is official, I have scheduled my exam and will take it in the middle of August 2020. That means I have five weeks to get my stuff in order and mentally prepare to block all the negative energy that is thrusting my way. I’m slowly realizing that in life (again), that the only person you can truly count on is yourself. Wish I could say more but I digress.

I had a friendly chat with someone yesterday, who had passed the test 7 years ago. Although he was under an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), which I found out has to be signed prior to taking the test, he did part with some wisdom I took to heart. He recommended that I should take a break every 30-45 minutes to clear my head and get something to snack on.

Although I don’t anticipate this test taking me the full 3 hours to complete, I think taking breaks is a good idea to refresh and prevent fatigue. This test has a lot of information within it and you can easily be worn down if you feel like you are not doing a great job to begin with.

So what will I be doing for the next 5 weeks leading up to the exam? Practice testing the entire time and streaming live on YouTube answering technical questions. The more exposure and pressure I give myself leading up to the big day, the less fear and anxiety I believe I will have.

Once this thing is done and in the books, I can finally take one step forward in my development as a Digital Forensics Specialist.

More to come…

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