Top 5 Tech Gifts for Mother’s Day 2021

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Mother’s Day is in three weeks (or sooner depending on when you are reading this) on May 9th and if you are like me, sometimes you struggle with getting Mom the right gift on her special day. Now tech gifts are synonymous with Father’s Day to many people but I argue that tech gifts are much more meaningful to Moms than Dads.

When I think of getting a tech gift for Mom on Mother’s Day, I’m seeking a gift that will make her life easier and more importantly give her time back to do the things she loves. After all that is the primary purpose of Technology is to shoulder the burden of mundane tasks and allow us as humans to have more time to enjoy life. At least that is my philosophical view.

In any event, I have scoured the internet, spoken with friends and family and reached out to the community to determine what tech gifts are best to give Mom on her special day. Here is what I have come up with:

1. Shark ION Robot Vacuum

Price: $219.99
Ease of Use: Some upfront patience required, but once set, it’s like riding a bike.
Pros: WiFi Enabled; Amazon Alexa Enabled;

From personal experience, I can tell you that this has been a godsend in my household. Between having pets, active children and both parents with active professional careers, it was extremely difficult and time consuming to keep the floors cleaned. I will also be the first to admit that I’m not the best sweeper in the household and my wife constantly reminds me (and rightfully so), that she is not the maid. Well, I’m glad to report that this beauty, the Shark ION Robot Vacuum fills that position nicely and is worthy of a nod as a Mother’s Day gift .

It is rich with features including the ability to map your floor plan, set cleaning zones, schedule deployments throughout the day, integration with the Amazon Alexa and more. One problem with other cleaning robots; especially when it comes to pet hair, is that it will leave patches on the ground. The Shark ION Robot will have none of that which is why it ranks top on my list.

With the Shark ION Robot, brooms will become a thing of the past and Mom will ask herself everyday why she didn’t have this sooner. Setup the mobile and let her play away. Oh and don’t forgot to wrap this baby with some flowers. You can thank me later.

2. Cricut Joy Machine

Price: $159
Ease of Use: Slight Learning Curve
Pros: Affordable, Portable, Easy to Use App, Customizable

One of the newest products growing in popularity today on the market is the Cricut Joy Machine. This tech product is ideal for the creative and entrepreneurial Moms. This device will allow her to create a multitude of designs that can be affixed to a wide variety of items like laptops, coffee mugs, wine glasses and more.

Don’t know where to begin? YouTube has a wide variety of tutorials and project ideas. One of my favorite content creators is Akkera Dorsey. She does an excellent job breaking down the product and giving ideas on how best to use the Cricut Joy Machine. Please consider showing her some love and letting her know Sage sent you.

Overall, the Cricut Joy Machine is a great starting tool if Mom enjoys creating and selling things on e-Commerce sites like Etsy. Let her passion flow and pick this up today!

3. Electric Wine Aerator

Price: $45.99
Ease of Use: Plug and Play
Pros: Pops the flavor in the wine

Speaking of wine; consider picking Mom up an Electric Wine Aerator. This crafty tool will allow Mom to enjoy the taste of wine with the fullest of flavors without having to swish the wine in the glass. Man….that was a mouthful.

Simply put, if Mom likes wine, do her a favor and pick this one up.

4. Audible Gift Membership

Price: $7.95 – $14.95 /month
Ease of Use: Fits Like a Glove
Pros: 30 Day Free Trial, Free Books with Monthly Credit, Exclusive Discounts

What goes better with wine than having Mom sit back and relax outside listening to her favorite best-selling book. Audible is an audio book membership. With it’s extensive library, Mom will have a great time listening to her favorite books using any mobile device, FireTV or Alexa.

This gift pays for itself and comes with a wide variety of perks including credits that can be used towards another book, exclusive discounts on titles and the ability to pause and resume on other devices. This is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a Mom on the run.

5. Cryptocurrency


DISCLAIMER: Although I’m in avid investor, I am not a financial advisor nor acting in that capacity. Advice given is for informational purposes only. Only invest what you can afford to lose. Please consult your financial advisor prior to making investing. Not responsible for any losses you may or may not suffer.

What better tech gift to give Mom on Mother’s Day than some virtual currency she can hold onto or invest. With the emergence of virtual currency/cryptocurrency and the retail investor, it is easier to invest without a large commitment. The simplicity of transferring virtual currency from one crypto-wallet to another is also appealing. Why not make it a yearly tradition to give a little to mom each year?

There are many platforms available to purchase and invest in cryptocurrency without having to crypto-mine. Among the popular ones are Coinbase, Robinhood and Again, invest wisely and only put in what you can afford to lose.

What ever you decide to get on Mother’s Day, don’t forget to let Mom know how special she is to you and the rest of the family. Gifts are great, but nothing speaks more volumes than telling Mom how much you love and appreciate what she has done in life for you.

A Special Message for All Mothers ?

If you are a Mom (or any lady) and reading this blog, I would like to take this moment to thank you for all the guidance you have imparted to us as a society. We may not always acknowledge your hard work and efforts (which I sincerely hope changes), but know you are the glue, inspiration and hope we need to make this world a better place. Thank you for putting up with us and hope your special day is one of joy.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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