YouTube Channel Art Error: How To Fix: The feature you requested is currently unavailable. Please try again later.

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Today I decided to take the first steps in updating my YouTube Channel now that I have my blog available for the world. In doing so, I ran into an issue when updating the channel art.

Google Sign in prompt

The error message in question appeared when I attempted to drag and drop my temporary channel art. A window popped up citing that I needed to sign into Google which I was. When I clicked the sign-in button, a window popped up and then immediately disappeared.

Now I knew there could only be two reasons this could have happened. The obvious reason would be that I have some type of popup blocker enabled. A popup blocker is software tool used to prevent unwanted advertisements or malicious windows from showing on your screen.

The other and less obvious would be that my settings in Chrome were set to block third party cookies. Cookies are used by website for a variety of reasons including keeping track of browsing history, network sessions and collecting information on the user. You can see why I have them enabled.

There was an error!
YouTube Channel Art Error Message

Considering that I did not have a popup blocker installed on my browser, I deduced that the culprit had to be the Cookies. After receiving the error message (left), I decided to test my theory out and hopefully fix it.

How to fix: The feature you requested is currently unavailable. Please try again later. error

[Video] How to Fix The feature you requested is currently unavailable. Please try again later.
Chrome: Settings
  • Go to Settings
    • On your Chrome Browser, navigate to your settings by selecting the three dots at the top right.
    • Scroll down and select, Settings.

  • Go to Cookies and Site Data
    • In the search box on top, type Cookies
    • Under Privacy and Security, select Site Settings
Chrome: Site Settings
  • Under Permissions select, Cookies and site data
Chrome: Cookies and Site Data
  • Toggle off Block third-party cookies and close the browser tab.
Chrome: Block third-party cookies

After completing the above, go back to YouTube and upload your channel art. This should address the issue that you are having. If this worked for you, please take some time to comment below and share this article and before I forget…

Pro-tip: Many people block third party cookies for privacy concerns. If you enabled Block third-party cookies for a reason, don’t forget to go back in to enable it.

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